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“What do you think of my… “ 


Social media? 


I get asked these questions a lot. As a marketing consultant, it is my job to have an expert opinion, but when someone asks and am not THEIR expert, my opinion is about as effective as a personal trainer handing out random workout tips to strangers at a gym. 

Having the right brand strategy is much like having the right workout program, it won’t be as effective without a proper assessment, establishing goals and objectives, then creating and executing a comprehensive, personalized plan. It is also similar in the sense you won’t see results without putting in the proper effort.  

When people ask what I think of their brand, they are often asking about a particular element of their marketing. What I usually see is lack of overall cohesion. This is generally the absence of a brand strategy. A brand strategy is part of the initial stages of business development, but it is often skipped over, or not fully actualized. Most people rush to design a logo, set up social media platforms, or create advertising, without doing the foundational work first. 

When I first started my company, one of my mentors told me there are three fundamental parts of a solid business: what you do, your finances, and your marketing. She said most business owners are good at two of the three components, and the first better be the thing you do. She said, “if you try to do the third thing, which is the thing you are not good at, you are paying yourself to do a bad job.”

I hired an accountant.

Many people need to hire a marketer. 

A proper brand strategy is the roadmap for all future marketing decisions. Once you’ve laid the groundwork, your marketing decisions are easier to make. 

This past year has pushed a lot of businesses into new territory, mine included. We’ve had to adapt, reinvent and refocus. I went back to basics and reviewed my business plan, including my brand strategy. A lot has changed in 20 years. I knew there were gaps, so I took the time to identify, and fill them. I call this fortification. Now that my foundation is reinforced, I have room for growth, renewed direction, and confidence to pursue new opportunities. 

I am passionate about entrepreneurship, and about brand strategy. I have recently developed a workshop to bring together like-minded professionals who are ready to develop, or reinvent a vibrant, customized brand identify.  Brand Camp: The Basics of Brand Strategy is designed as a collaborative experience that will walk you through the steps to create a solid brand strategy.

Here are some questions to determine if your brand strategy needs fortifying: 

  1. Does your brand strategy tie into your vision, mission and mandate?
  2. Have you identified your brand pillars, and brand values?
  3. Have you done a competitive brand analysis?
  4. Do you know your unique market position?
  5. Have you developed brand attributes?
  6. Does your brand have a voice? 

These are just a few of the things we will work through at Brand Camp. There are only 12 spots per session to ensure everyone’s brand can be workshopped. For just $250 I can be your expert. This is a little less than 1/10th what one-on-one strategy development would cost. If you have read this far, you will receive a 10% discount by using the code: brandcamp10

Visit my website Loud Mouth Communications to register.