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I am the kind of person that chases lightning.

I recently said this to a colleague. On my best days I don’t just chase lighting, I am lightning. I have a bolt of energy in me from a source I can’t explain. One of my early bosses described me as a wild horse that could not be tamed. With so much unbridled energy, I experienced immediate challenges when the world’s pace slowed. Projects were cancelled. The mechanics, and the dynamics changed. Everything went virtual. At times, it felt like time stood still.

We used to be out there hustling. We could seize moments, and build momentum. We would see a flash on the horizon, feel the powerful energy, and hear the thunderous roar. We could chase it.  

How do we chase lightening when life is less electric? 

I was not capable of being idle for long, so I wasn’t. I read books, learned guitar, cooked, hiked, fished, took online classes, and redecorated my bedroom. At first, my excess energy had nowhere to go, so I learned to turn the lightning inward. I bottled it. I had to capture it, refocus it, then use it. My creativity surged.

With a year in the rear-view, I now realize that was my survival instincts kicking into high gear. I had a successful business with a proven track record, but the pandemic broke my business model. I turned my attention towards reaffirming my core business, relaunching my service menu, and fine tuning my social media. I also sought new opportunities. I launched multiple platforms for my writing, created content, articles, and videos. I published my work, and connected with a lot of new people.

My professional collaborative circles also grew. There is a proverb that says: necessity is the mother of invention. We did what was necessary to reimagine, innovate, and recreate. Many of us took care of each other. We checked in, and helped with no promise of remuneration.

Even though my industry was closed, contact with clients and partners increased. Lightning was striking all over the place. We talked about how to do things differently, and how to do new things. I am certain our effort, and energy will propel us forward in the months and years to come, and the bonds forged will be strong, and long lasting.

I continue to focus on my core business of marketing and communications, along with my writing, but I have also engaged in new endeavours, some unexpected. I launched an online antique and vintage jewellery business. I am representing my friend’s craft beer. I am fortifying. Maybe that’s what happens when you take a direct hit. The lightning is a jolt that goes right through you, and you to are gifted the energy to rebuild.

I don’t have all of the answers, and I certainly can’t predict what is to come, but I know I once again have my eyes on the horizon, looking for lightning.

I can see it. I can feel it. I will chase it.