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Loud Mouth Communications (LMC) is a leading communications and marketing company with more than 20 years of experience working with people, properties, and brands to create unique, effective and customized strategies in the areas of marketing, communications, branding, promotions, sponsorship, events, and media.



If you need to level up, create cohesion, fill in the gaps, or pivot, we’ve got you covered. We lead the way with innovation and creativity, delivering customized strategies made just for you. We believe in building long-term relationships by upholding our professional pillars of honesty, integrity, passion, and results.


At our core, we believe communication is the root of everything. How you communicate your ideas to the world requires the proper plan, the right focus, a vision and precision. Strategic communication is the starting point to convey every concept, build every relationship, and capture every like, follow, or sale. All of this begins with our commitment to communicate effectively with you.


The world is not the same as it used to be; in fact, it is different than it was a minute ago. As difficult as it may be to navigate change, it is also exciting to embrace it. In order to survive and thrive, it is necessary to innovate, adapt and even anticipate. We take an organic approach to marketing to ensure you have an effective strategy with all the right elements in the mix.


Every concept, innovation, or dream is driven by passion, and every project that ends in success has a great roadmap. Whether you are a company, or an individual, we ensure your success by developing a brand strategy that delivers an authentic and well-defined, dimensional, and prismatic brand to your followers, audience, consumers, or target market.


We are known for our wow-factor! We approach every event organically, and don’t like to do the same thing twice. We only develop authentic, original, and truly customized event strategies. We draw inspiration from arts and culture and fuse them together with your objectives, to create one-of-a-kind events that are both impactful and memorable.



We’re hardcore attention seekers, so we put that to work to help shine the spotlight on you. We know the media business inside and out, which helps us develop highly targeted and successful public relations, digital and social media strategies, that deliver results. It’s all about finding the right angle, and we get it right every time.


We enjoy finding unique, interesting and dynamic ways to bring people and products together. We also believe in the magic of the right relationship, so we work hard to match brands and properties in order to facilitate consumer experiences, brand opportunities, XM programs, and hospitality. There is no magic formula for sponsorship, so each strategy is carefully curated with customized elements to deliver measurable results against objectives.

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We've Launched A Radio Station

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Media is our wheelhouse, so when a new major market radio station license was granted we developed and executed the marketing and event strategy to get the station on the air in just five weeks. We hit the ground running and pulled off the impossible, with on air and public launch events, big prizes, aerial acrobats – and of course live music. We got the station on the air, on time, and with a whole lot of fanfare.

We've Helped Music Festivals Find Partners

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From the beginning, we have put our passion to work in the live music space. We have a deeply forged and authentic relationships with both properties and brands, and love to see the two working together in perfect harmony. It takes patience, commitment and experience to negotiate and execute effective partnerships, and we take our role very seriously. In a business where reputation and integrity matter, we stake ours on every deal we bring into the entertainment space.

We've Rappelled A Sasquatch Off A Building

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Sometimes our projects are a big hairy deal. When our client asked us to make a big impression, what could be bigger than the spectacle of Bigfoot making a daring escape from atop a tall building to elude capture? Sure there were permits to acquire, and a Sasquatch stunt double to hire, but in the end there was great satisfaction watching Sasqi running down a busy city street back towards his mountain hideaway – with the media watching of course.

We've Raised Funds For Worthwhile Causes

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We believe the foundation of a strong community is the willingness of companies and individuals to step up and help others. We have always believed in helping local causes and have donated time and services to many charities, including the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, the Lois Hole Hospital for Women, Little Warriors, In The Weeds, and The Edmonton Broadcasters Club.

We've Put Our Whole Heart Into Everything We Do

What people

are saying

“Loud Mouth Communications is passionate about both bands and brands, and has done their very best to go above and beyond the call of duty for me and my clients.  In the world of music and partnerships you either get “it” or you don’t – they get “it.” 
Kevin Goodman

CEO, FRC Marketing

“You’re a rockstar!”
Billie Jo Aasen

CEO, Extreme Mudfest

“Expertise, creativity, passion, attention to detail, and teamwork – quite simply, there was no one else I trusted more. Loud Mouth Communications has reached a national level of success in a highly competitive industry with a determination to learn and grow, a dedication to expertise, and admirable standards of excellence.”
James Stuart Hewson

Regional VP , Bell Media

“A joy to work and helped me turn my events into sellouts!”
Clayton Bellamy


“A holistic approach to relationships, incredible attention to detail, and organizational skills ensure Loud Mouth Communication’s success in creating and maintaining lucrative partnerships. A wealth of experience, a positive attitude, a strong work ethic, and a caring nature have also been instrumental in their success.”
Troy Vollhoffer

CEO, Country Thunder Music Festivals and Big Valley Jamboree

“Incredibly authentic, trustworthy, and always a pleasure to do business with!”
Glen Smith

CEO, Mouse Marketing

Your Event Has Been Cancelled

The live event industry is in serious trouble. It was the first sector to go dark due to the pandemic, and it is expected to be the last to be allowed back to work.

The people behind the scenes of your favourite events are the mavericks and risk takers you likely don’t know about. They create the events that make you smile until your face hurts, cheer until you lose your voice, and dance until you can’t stand up. They make the magic that fills your social feeds, and the moments that live in your memories.

You may have gotten an email saying “your event has been cancelled” – they lost their livelihood… READ MORE



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