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Loud Mouth Communications (LMC) is a leading sponsorship, public relations and event management company, specializing in lifestyle and entertainment projects.


We believe in being upfront in all situations and being accountable for our actions. The first ingredient in any successful relationship is honesty and you can trust we will always be honest with you.


Integrity is something that is almost impossible to restore once it is compromised. We conduct our business with integrity because we respect and value our clients. We understand our reputation is on the line with each project we do.


The “P” word. Where would we be without it? Probably out of business. Passion is the main ingredient in our everyday operations. We know we must believe in your project to help you achieve the results you desire.


Call us overachievers…we believe in delivering more than we promise. Plus, we set tangible goals for every project and follow a concrete strategy to get to the finish line.

A Leading Sponsorship, public Relations, and Event Company

Loud Mouth Communications (LMC) is a leading sponsorship, public relations and event management company, specializing in lifestyle and entertainment projects.


We strive to set new standards of excellence and to lead the industry in creativity and professionalism. We work to create unique, effective and memorable sponsorship, public relations, event and promotional strategies and concepts. We believe in building long-term relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships.


Loud Mouth Communications is built on the solid foundation of the extensive promotional marketing career of company president Ilan Cooley. Her trend-setting ideas, creative concepts and promotional initiatives have set high standards of excellence and have achieved outstanding results. The essence of Loud Mouth Communications reflects her core values, work ethic and passion for innovation.

Ilan Cooley – President

Ilan Cooley is an energetic and dynamic communications professional with a bold approach to life and business. She has dedicated her career to working on projects that deliver what she considers to be one of life’s most vital ingredients – entertainment. As a specialist in lifestyle and popular culture, she is always interested in the next big idea that will captivate the attention of the masses.

For ten years Ilan put her passion for entertainment to work at two of Canada’s top media companies, where she gained valuable experience in the biz. Since 2002, through her company LMC, she continues to work with some of Canada’s leading businesses managing sponsorship, event planning and public relations projects.

Ilan believes the foundation of a strong community is its people and their willingness to step up and help others. She has donated time to many charities, including, Little Warriors, the Children’s Ability Fund, the Christmas Bureau of Edmonton, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and the Lois Hole Hospital for Women.

Ilan is also an accomplished recreational endurance athlete with multiple Ironman triathlon and marathon finishes to her credit.


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